Tom Dehn - Owner & Manager

Tom Dehn

Owner & Manager

Brainerd Staff

Tim Simondet - General Manager

Tim Simondet

General Manager
Phone: 218-822-3500 x439
Tim joined Power Lodge recently after moving from the Twin Cities to the Brainerd area. Tim brings 35 years of retail experience to the Power Lodge, along with his passion for the outdoors; including fishing, boating, four wheeling, snowmobiling, and motorcycling.
Paul Swenson - Business Manager/Sales

Paul Swenson

Business Manager/Sales
Phone: 218-822-3500 x442
Paul joined the Power Lodge in 2018 and brings to us his extensive experiences in Manufacturing. He is excited to help people fuel their outdoor activities. When not at work he enjoys fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, motorcycling, playing hockey, and his family.
Kirk Loge - Sales Consultant

Kirk Loge

Sales Consultant
Phone: 218.822.3500 x444
John Kaasa - Sales Consultant

John Kaasa

Sales Consultant
Phone: 218.822.3500 x431
Nathan Hughes - Sales Consultant

Nathan Hughes

Sales Consultant
Phone: 218.822.3500 x432
Dennis Wintheiser - Parts Manager

Dennis Wintheiser

Parts Manager
Phone: 218-822-3500 x425
Isaac Nelson - Accessories Associate

Isaac Nelson

Accessories Associate
Phone: 218.822.3500 x424
Pat Buller - Shipping & Recieving

Pat Buller

Shipping & Recieving
Phone: 218.822.3500 x425

Isaac Fuhrman

Phone: 218-822-3500 x426
Isaac joined Power Lodge in 2017 after building boats at Lund for 4 years. He is known by our staff and customers as “Biff”. In his spare time he enjoys playing basketball, fishing, and spending time with family.
Kerry Townsend - Parts Associate

Kerry Townsend

Parts Associate
Phone: 218-822-3500 x435
Travis Dobrzynski - Parts Associate

Travis Dobrzynski

Parts Associate
Phone: 218-822-3500
Jesse Lee - Service Manager

Jesse Lee

Service Manager
Phone: 218-822-3500
Michael Diemer - Service Advisor/Warranty Administrator

Michael Diemer

Service Advisor/Warranty Administrator
Phone: 218-822-3500
Thomas McGregor - Service Advisor

Thomas McGregor

Service Advisor
Phone: 218-822-3500
Benjamin Todd - Service Advisor

Benjamin Todd

Service Advisor
Phone: 218-822-3500
Greg Anselment -

Greg Anselment

Jim Waite - Service Technician

Jim Waite

Service Technician
Chris Scully - Service Technician

Chris Scully

Service Technician
Phone: 218-822-3500
Jeffery Klous -

Jeffery Klous

Steven Stricker -

Steven Stricker

Christopher Litzinger -

Christopher Litzinger

Eric Devriendt -

Eric Devriendt

Thor Johnson -

Thor Johnson

Phone: 218-822-3500
Matt Oakland -

Matt Oakland

Phone: 218-822-3500
Scott Walker - Yard Tech

Scott Walker

Yard Tech
Michelle Klecker - Controller

Michelle Klecker

Phone: 218-822-3500 x421
Toni Papillon - Accounting

Toni Papillon

Phone: 218-822-3500 x429
Alicia Martin - Accounting

Alicia Martin

Phone: 218-822-3500 x438
Phillip Halvorson - Polaris Adventures

Phillip Halvorson

Polaris Adventures
Phone: 218-316-7013

Mille Lacs Staff

Jodi Benson - Store Manager

Jodi Benson

Store Manager
Phone: 320-532-3860 x310
Chad Funt - Sales Manager

Chad Funt

Sales Manager
Phone: 320-532-3860 x315
Eric Swaser - Parts, Accessories & Sales Associate

Eric Swaser

Parts, Accessories & Sales Associate
Phone: 320-532-3860 x313
Jim Leschak - Parts Specialist

Jim Leschak

Parts Specialist
Phone: 320-532-3860 x312
Jeremy Jutz - Shipping/Recieving

Jeremy Jutz

Phone: 320-532-3860 x311
Jason Stiernagle - Parts & Accessorie Associate

Jason Stiernagle

Parts & Accessorie Associate
Phone: 320-532-3860
Ryan Asplund - Technician

Ryan Asplund

Phone: 320-532-3860
Matt Wagenaar - Service Tech

Matt Wagenaar

Service Tech
Phone: 320-532-3860
Mike Pangerl - Service Tech

Mike Pangerl

Service Tech
Phone: 320-532-3860
Scott Johnson - Yard Tech

Scott Johnson

Yard Tech
Phone: 320-532-3860


SCOTT ANDERSON - Parts Associate


Parts Associate

Twin Cities Staff

Corey King - General Manager

Corey King

General Manager
Phone: 763-576-1706 x224
Corey King is passionate about helping people find their fun. He has more than 20 years of experience working in the recreational sports industry. Corey currently leads the Power Lodge team at their Ramsey location. When he’s not at work, Corey enjoys hunting, fishing, biking and spending time with his family.
Randy Blomlie - Finance Manager

Randy Blomlie

Finance Manager
Phone: 763-576-1706 x203
Randy joined our company in January of 2012. An exciting change after 30 years in the automotive industry.Married with 4 children and lives in Ramsey. Enjoys music and playing hockey.
Brad Johnson - Product Specialist

Brad Johnson

Product Specialist
Phone: 763-576-1706 x215
Brad has a passion for power sports and automobile restoration. He prides himself in knowing our product line-up to the last detail.
Dave Mcdonald - Product Specialist - Marine

Dave Mcdonald

Product Specialist - Marine
Phone: 763-576-1706 x225
Dave is our resident boat expert and has been selling boats for over 15 years. He has the in-depth knowledge and hands on experience to help you find your new boat. He loves to fish, hunt, make music, and travel to the Caribbean.
Mark Mulrooney - Product Specialist - Marine

Mark Mulrooney

Product Specialist - Marine
Phone: 763-576-1706 x226
Ryan Dupay - Product Specialist

Ryan Dupay

Product Specialist
Phone: 763-576-1706 x207
AJ Oster - Marketing Manager

AJ Oster

Marketing Manager
Phone: 763-576-1706 x223
Nick Kast - Parts Manager

Nick Kast

Parts Manager
Phone: 763-576-1706 x209
Nick comes to us with 15 years experience in the Power Sports industry with a wealth of experience within the industry from being a mechanic to retail sales and management. He has a passion for all things Power Sports especially ATV / UTV and Snowmobile.
Melissa Peterson - Parts, Apparel & Accessories Specialist

Melissa Peterson

Parts, Apparel & Accessories Specialist
Phone: 763-576-1706 x210
Melissa brings to us a vast range of knowledge within the Power Sports industry. She is excellent in providing customers the assistance they need in choosing the right products for them and their machines and is a great addition to our company.
Steve Wilson - Parts & Accessories Associate

Steve Wilson

Parts & Accessories Associate
Phone: 763-576-1706 x213
Brian Lambres - Parts & Accessories Associate

Brian Lambres

Parts & Accessories Associate
Phone: 763-576-1706 x213
Brian has been with us since 1994 and has a wealth of knowledge in the parts field. He is our go to guy for all of our parts needs. Has a passion for music and cars.
Richard Heise - Parts & Accessories Associate

Richard Heise

Parts & Accessories Associate
Phone: 763-576-1706 x216
Kyle Dehn - Service Manager

Kyle Dehn

Service Manager
Phone: 763-576-1706 x219
Kyle comes to us with 12 years experience in the power sports industry. Active in snowmobiling , atv riding and all things power sports. Married with a son.
Larry Peluf - Service Advisor

Larry Peluf

Service Advisor
Phone: 763-576-1706 x208
Jeremy Harshman - Service Technician

Jeremy Harshman

Service Technician
Phone: 763-576-1706
Jeremy has been with us for 18 years. He is a certified technician that loves the great outdoors. He enjoys camping and spending time with his family.
Mathew Neubert - Service Technician

Mathew Neubert

Service Technician
Phone: 763-576-1706
Kyle Kolles - Service Technician

Kyle Kolles

Service Technician
Phone: 763-576-1706
Alexander Leiter - Service Technician

Alexander Leiter

Service Technician
Phone: 763-576-1706
Connor Robbins - Service Technician

Connor Robbins

Service Technician
Phone: 763-576-1706
Bradley Heitschmidt - Technician

Bradley Heitschmidt

Phone: 763-576-1706
Glenda Amar - Administration

Glenda Amar

Phone: 763-576-1706 x218
Suzanne Lehn - Accountant

Suzanne Lehn

Phone: 763-576-1706
Suzanne joined the team in October, 2017 and came to us with 15 years experience in Power Sports Industry accounting. Married with 2 boys. Enjoys ATV riding on the Iron Range with family.
Katie Ellis - Receptionist/Administration

Katie Ellis

Phone: 763-576-1706 x200
Katie joined our team in September, 2017. Married with one son. Enjoys racing in all forms and spending time with her family outdoors.
Stacey Mueller - Accounting

Stacey Mueller

Phone: 763-576-1706 x 212
New Employee -

New Employee

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